Feature Release

November 11, 2019

Webview Configuration Report

The Configuration Report is a powerful and versatile way to view and manage assets and devices. The user can determine the contents of the Configuration Report so only the information useful to them is displayed. Our convenient filter system empowers the user to turn a large, comprehensive database into a focused, efficient subset of columns. We understand that running a business is incredibly demanding and are confident that the Configuration Report's adaptable interface will ensure that our customers' valuable time is spent aiding and growing their own customer base.

To view the Configuration Report:

  1. Hover over "Reports" on the navigation bar (top left corner of the page) and select "Configuration" from the dropdown menu.
  2. The Configuration Report will show configurations based on the selected configuration type and profile.
    1. The asset management screens can also be accessed directly by clicking the icons in the "Links" column. The icons from left to right navigate the user to "Information", "Setup", "Devices", and "History".
  3. Additionally, the following features can be used to edit the content shown in the Configuration Report:
    1. Create advanced filters to exclude/include assets based on settings created by the user.
      1. Click the "Add Filter" icon to create an advanced filter.
      2. Select your parameters. When finished click the "Add" button at the bottom of the window.
        • "Add Filter" – The column the filter will be applied to (from available columns).
        • "Condition" – Choose from "Starts With", "Contains", "Ends With", or "Doesn't Contain".
        • "Value" – This is the text portion of the filter.
      3. Any active filters will be displayed beside to the right of the "Advanced Filters" icons. To remove an active filter, click the "Remove" icon to the left of the filter's name.
    2. Use one of the icons below to email, print, or export a one-time Configuration Report:
      1. To email:
        • Click the "Email Report" icon (envelope with arrow).
        • An "Email Report" window will open. Enter an email address, select a format, and click the "Email Report" button at the bottom of the window.
      2. To print:
        • Click the "Print Report" icon (printer).
        • A new tab will open, showing the report in a print-friendly version.
      3. Export the Configuration Report by clicking one of the format icons (sheet of paper with folded top-right corner. A ribbon across the paper displays the export format):
        • XLS
        • CSV
    3. The appearance and column settings of the Configuration Report can be modified using the "Preferences" icon. The "Report Preferences" window's options are contained within two tabs: Remember to click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the "Report Preferences" window after making any changes.
      1. The "Appearance" tab

      2. The "Columns" tab
        • Choose custom column names for the Configuration Report by clicking an empty space in the "Custom Name" column corresponding to the column name you want to modify.
        • Type the desired custom name into the input box and click the "Save" button when finished.

New Tank Configuration

Cone bottom is now a configuration option for tanks, eliminating the need to set up strapping tables for this type of tank shape.

Quality-of-Life Adjustments